FOUNDING TEAM – Michial and Johnny Shumate

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Sports Car International is a Portland, Oregon based automobile industry consulting and advisory firm serving mainly US dealerships and dealership groups.

The principals who founded SCI have been in the automotive dealership business for three generations beginning in 1936. The dealership brands the family has operated include: Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, BMW, Cadillac, Harley-Davidson and over a dozen others. Currently lead principal in the company is Michial Shumate, a graduate of the noted GM Institute, and who was the youngest BMW dealer in US History.

Over a number of years of experience Michial achieved results in the dealerships he ran; increasing sales, operational efficiency and the levels of customer satisfaction. This gained him the trust of Executives of the various automobile Manufacturers whose dealerships he owned and ran. At the same time, as other dealers noticed these accomplishments with his own dealerships and they began to ask his advice on their sales, profitability, and customer satisfaction and management system problems. Soon large national Dealer groups began to notice.

Michial sold his last dealership in 2010 and became a fulltime automotive and dealership consultant to the industry. He consulted assisting interested parties in dealership site selection, facility layout, applying for new car dealerships and all the way through market and demographic assessment, sales projections, marketing, advertising, on site sales, sales management, integrated dealership operations, automobile manufacturer relations, post sales and service, and community involvement. His services were retained in these areas by both individual dealerships and large dealership groups numbering hundreds of dealerships.

Michial’s son, Johnny, joined Michial in learning the dealership business from a young age. He specializes in management, accounting systems, sales forecasting and statistical analytics. Johnny holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees from Eastern Washington University: one in Management and one in Marketing. Furthermore, he has years of training at Harley-Davidson University and other Manufacturer training programs.


Fran Forgette, JD

FOUNDING TEAM 2 Fran Forgette

Fran Forgette is our legal counsel and he is a partner with Rettig Forgette Iller Adamson, which he joined in 1977. His full-time practice includes helping people and families with business law, real estate, agriculture, banking and estate planning, as well as related mediation, arbitration and civil litigation.

He received the first Proud to be a Lawyer-“Hero Award” from the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) in October of 2000 and the WSBA Board of Governors’ annual “Award for Professionalism” for 2001.

He is an appointed member of the governing Board of Regents at Washington State University and former chairman. Forgette is also a present member and past chairman of the TRIDEC Board of Directors and Executive Committee. TRIDEC is the economic development entity for the Greater Tri-City Area in Benton and Franklin Counties. He is also a past president of both the Tri-City Chamber of Commerce and the Tri-Cities Cancer Center. Forgette has also been actively involved in various Tri-City education causes. He was named Tri-Citian of the Year in 2001 for his community service. He was also named Kennewick Man of the Year in the same year.

He attended the University of Washington as an undergraduate where he received a degree in English Literature in 1974. He then attended law school at Gonzaga University where he received his Doctor of Laws Degree, with Honors, in 1977.

In 1994 He and Michial Shumate partnered in their first dealership Honda of Tri-Cities.



Jonathan Clark, MBA

FOUNDING TEAM Jonathan Clark


Jonathan Clark is a business development consultant and has worked in various aspects of the industry, including Brown Motorworks and assisting Volvo for their largest product launch of the S60 in 2011. Notably, Jonathan is one of the owners of Oregon Raceway Park and his key contributions made that venue a reality. He envisioned the business model, managed the funding process, and oversaw construction and operations. Jonathan’s core skills include business modeling, marketing, sales, corporate training, information technologies and operational workflow.

He is a certified track safety inspector and a past speaker at the Circuit Owners Forum. His list of clients include Oregon Raceway Park, Race Resorts International, Motorsports Services International, Utica-Rome Speedway, Pacific Raceways, Monticello Motor Club, Lou La Vie members club, ProFormance Racing School, and The Motofit Group.

Jonathan’s core skills include business modeling, marketing and sales. He holds an MBA from Willamette University and a Bachelor of Arts for University of Puget Sound. Most importantly, Jonathan provides real world experience to implement processes and products to make business’s thrive.




Toby Bath SCI Director, Asia

Toby Bath has overall responsibilities for East and Southeast Asia.

Toby’s education includes a degree as Bachelor of Architecture (Honors) at Oxford School of Architecture and Urban Design, UK, Post Graduate Diploma in Architecture, Oxford Brookes University, UK and Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Design, Oxford Brookes University, UK. Toby is registered as Architect in the UK and an LEED Accredited Professional. His architectural specialization was in site planning and project management.

Toby’s business career emphasized the commercial aspects of international business operations with special emphasis on Asia. His initial work in Asia was for Skidmore Owings and Merrill (SOM) as Associate Director out of the San Francisco office. These duties included identification of potential clients, contract negotiations and oversight for delivery of all services throughout Asia. Toby later was appointed Director of SOM International Limited Hong Kong. Later he became Managing Director and Senior Vice-President of HOK International for Asia Pacific region. Following that he worked in business development for several firms at the Director level.

Toby’s automotive background is as a keen enthusiast for both performance cars and motor sports, having been partner in a Formula Car Asian racing series team. He also performed duties on original site planing for motorsports racing circuits in GCC and Asia. He also performed advisory services for governments viewing possible motorsports events. He arranged design services for a track and test facility for one of the leading international automobile manufacturers. He is a keen enthusiast of international motor sports events.

He is currently located in Hong Kong.

Dave Sabnani SCI Director, China

Dave Sabnani’s responsibility is for SCI’s activities in China.

Dave was born in Hong Kong and his professional life has focused on commercial relations in general and with an emphasis on prestige brands including high fashion.

Dave has served as Chairman and Managing Director of Crown’s Department Store Hong Kong, Director of Crown’s International Asia, China and Preet’s Trading Corporation Hong Kong.

In his work advising and assisting in development and promotion of luxury brands, Dave created a new men’s, ladies and children’s wear collection for Jaguar for the world market with focus on Asia and Greater China. He is aware of the close connection between luxury and performance automobile brands and high fashion in the international world market in general and specifically in East Asia. He has advised and assisted in establishing on-line marketing of luxury products.

He has consulted with companies interesting in entering the Asian market. He is serves as Director of a number of Asian companies in addition to SCI of the US.

He is currently located in Guangdong Province, China.

Suhail Shaker SCI Director, MENA/GCC

Suhail Shaker’s responsibility is for SCI’s activities in Middle East/North Africa including Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Suhail was born in Jordan and he received a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering at the University of Jordan.

Suhail worked extensively in the IT industry, including Citi Group and Cisco in the US and Rogers Communications in Canada and cooperated in the establishment of new, start-up companies in the US, Canada and GCC countries.

Suhail headed the IT Strategy and Planning for the largest bank in the MENA/GCC region, Qatar National Bank.

Suhail has worked with groups and companies investigating the New Car dealership market in discussions and presentations and with agencies and groups in the supply of new car models to Asian markets.

He is an enthusiast of recreational sports use of automobiles.

He is currently located in Doha, Qatar.


Allen Petrich, Jr. SCI Director

Allen Petrich has been associated with the automobile, automobile competition and pleasure boat manufacturing, sales and distribution business from an early age. His education at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington State included a major in Business Administration and minor in Economics. He had a second major in History and minor in Journalism.

From a young age he was exposed to manufacturing in the maritime business in wood, aluminum, fiberglass and steel. He worked in industry and public relations in the field, including dealership development, warranty and customer relations. He also worked in automotive dealership in auto sales preparation.

After college he established a Formula car racing team with personnel he hired for their first job went on to success in national sports and single seat racing teams.

In college he began writing articles on automobile competition for the Competition Press section of the journal Autoweek. He assisted in scouting with partners in Paris for new Formula 1 locations outside of Europe and succeeded in gaining sanction for new Formula 1 outside Europe.

During this time he also obtained new dealership locations for US builders expanding outside the US.

He arranged for adaptation of Chinese farm equipment design to US requirements and pioneering sales of such equipment into the US.

In the US he introduced to General Motors production facilities new welding fault detecting equipment, designed by Chinese electronics specialists, which eliminated costly breakdowns in production, resulting in substantial financial savings to the company.

His specialty is Strategic Planning and Commercial and Industrial Relations.