FOUNDING TEAM – Michial and Johnny Shumate

founding team 1

Sports Car International is a Portland, Oregon based automobile industry consulting and advisory firm serving mainly US dealerships and dealership groups.

The principals who founded SCI have been in the automotive dealership business for three generations beginning in 1936. The dealership brands the family has operated include: Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, BMW, Cadillac, Harley-Davidson and over a dozen others. Currently lead principal in the company is Michial Shumate, a graduate of the noted GM Institute, and who was the youngest BMW dealer in US History.

Over a number of years of experience Michial achieved results in the dealerships he ran; increasing sales, operational efficiency and the levels of customer satisfaction. This gained him the trust of Executives of the various automobile Manufacturers whose dealerships he owned and ran. At the same time, as other dealers noticed these accomplishments with his own dealerships and they began to ask his advice on their sales, profitability, and customer satisfaction and management system problems. Soon large national Dealer groups began to notice.

Michial sold his last dealership in 2010 and became a fulltime automotive and dealership consultant to the industry. He consulted assisting interested parties in dealership site selection, facility layout, applying for new car dealerships and all the way through market and demographic assessment, sales projections, marketing, advertising, on site sales, sales management, integrated dealership operations, automobile manufacturer relations, post sales and service, and community involvement. His services were retained in these areas by both individual dealerships and large dealership groups numbering hundreds of dealerships.

Michial’s son, Johnny, joined Michial in learning the dealership business from a young age. He specializes in management, accounting systems, sales forecasting and statistical analytics. Johnny holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees from Eastern Washington University: one in Management and one in Marketing. Furthermore, he has years of training at Harley-Davidson University and other Manufacturer training programs.